36ÁR: október 18-i hírlevél – angol

I Am A Jesuit, I Know Where My Heart Is …
Wendell D’Cruz, SJ
We are back, after the weekend off.  We now have a new Superior General, and we now are faced with the task of choosing a team of Assistants and Consultors to Assist him in the task of governing the Society of Jesus.  But before we got into the business of naming the men, we decided […]
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A First Encounter with the Press
pressJust a few days after his election, Father General Arturo Sosa met with some 70 journalists in the aula of the General Congregation, his baptism to this kind of event as Superior General of the Society of Jesus. He was introduced by Fr. Federico Lombardi who mentioned that the new General had been part of […]
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After the election… what’s gonna happen now?
For the first two weeks of October, the attention, not only of the Jesuits but also of many people, was centred on the election of the new Superior General of the Jesuits. Now that Father Arturo Sosa has been elected, what will the Jesuits gathered for the General Congregation do for the next several weeks […]
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Ite, inflammate omnia
Legend has it that Saint Ignatius, when he sent Saint Francis Xavier to the East, told him: “go, set the world alight”. With the birth of the Society of Jesus, a new fire was lit in a changing world. A novel form of religious life came about, not through human enterprise but as a divine […]
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Frissítve: 2016. október 20.