36ÁR: október 19-i hírlevél – angol

On the richness of this diversity
Brian F McCoy, SJ
This week we have beens reviewing our Jesuit governance, before moving to elect Fr General’s four Assistants ad providentiam which would then lead to his appointment of the members of the General Council. GC35 emphasised that our Jesuit form of governance was at the service of universal mission: ‘As governance in the Society is always […]
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A man used to working in complex situations
After an intense weekend, the work of the Congregation continues, but we are still working on bringing different testimonies of those who know our new Father General. Since last Friday, when he was elected, we have had many conversations with companions, friends, and different people around the Curia and around the world, that are helping […]
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A Legal Expert in the Service of the Society…and of the Congregation
An Encounter with Benoit Malvaux, Procurator General of the Society of Jesus Laws and regulations govern an international organization like the Society of Jesus. As a Catholic religious order, the Society has its own legal rules. Additionally, the Society must also follow the rules of the Catholic Church, that is, Canon Law. In the General […]
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“For me, who is Arturo Sosa?” by Arturo Peraza, SJ, Provincial of Venezuela
Today I can say that for four days many companions have asked me in many different ways the question of who is Arturo Sosa? Never have I had to talk about a person so many times, and, especially, in English. It was the repetition of a personal history, that the more it was repeated, brought […]
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Arrupe’s Heritage
After his resignation was accepted Fr. Arrupe gave a final message to the Society. Let us listen to those concluding words, expressed by Fr. Pedro before he entered into the silence of his personal surrender to God. “To each one of you in particular I would love to say – tantas cosas: so much, really. […]
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Frissítve: 2016. október 23.