36ÁR: október 21-i hírlevél – angol

Oh for a window!
Ron Mercier SJ
No doubt you’ve all seen pictures of the Aula, the hall in which we meet daily.  Those responsible for remodeling the space did a wonderful job; it is a great place to meet.  As we pray in the morning, that ‘choir style’, facing each other encourages the prayer. Wonderful as it is, however, someone brought […]
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“Faces from the Frontiers” – by John Dardis, SJ
When you look around the aula at the General Congregation or share meals with people, it all seems quite ordinary. At first. You see a group of Jesuits – priests and brothers, smiling, joking, eating, having serious conversations, praying. Their dress is ordinary – in fact some could do with a new shirt or two! – with a […]
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A “group outing” to the beauty, history and Christian adventure
Almost all the delegates to the General Congregation and many members of the supporting  teams left the General Curia to travel to the Vatican Museums, a twenty minute walk. Father Adolfo Nicolás was among them for his last night in Rome before leaving for a new mission of his Jesuit life. For two and a […]
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When God is in the midst of people, relationships are full of life. We see this in the encounter between Elizabeth and Mary: there is so much joy, appreciation, sharing, understanding, movement, life, freedom, peace and uplifting of the soul to praise God. There is no room for envy, jealousy, hate, violence, numbness, narrowness… We find the same dynamic […]
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Frissítve: 2016. október 23.