36ÁR: október 22-i hírlevél – angol

The Eyes and Ears of the Heart
Chukwuyenum A. Afiawari, SJ
At our Jesuit School of Theology—Hekima University College—in Nairobi, Kenya, there are a series of unique paintings of the Way/Stations of the Cross in the chapel. Of the various people portrayed, only the eyes of one person—those of Jesus—are open. All others are closed! I have often wondered what the artist, poet and theologian from […]
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Interpreters and translators
Even though Pentecost already took place and the Gospel message has been heard all over the world in many languages, an international gathering like a General Congregation does need the support of translation services. Before the Congregation, all the delegates were told that there would be three official languages used in the aula in during […]
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The Good Shepherd
Franz van de Lugt SJ, a member of the Near East Province, lived and worked in Syria, mainly in Homs as spiritual guide especially for the youth. He was killed on the 7th of April 2014, aged 76. In him we have the image of a Good Shepherd: his hope in the resurrection strengthened him […]
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Frissítve: 2016. október 23.