36ÁR: október 8-ei hírlevél – angol

Schola Invictus
Dermot Preston, SJ
Federico Fellini, the great Italian film director, would have loved the cinematic possibilities for the opening of Day 5. We were off to Mass in the Vatican. All of the delegates gathered on the steps of the Jesuit Curia at 7am. For some, like myself, who live in the Curia, that was a relatively straight-forward […]
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Today’s struggles seen from the perspective of the Trinity – Interview with John Dardis, SJ
Over the coming days, the GC36 Media Team will share with you stories of Jesuits from different parts of the world. Today we caught up with Fr. John Dardis, a Jesuit from Ireland who is also President of the Conference of European Provincials. He shared his reflections on the contribution the European experience could bring […]
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The Jesuit “Bed & Breakfast” in Rome
All the members of General Congregation 36 and the support staff are hosted in the various communities of the Jesuit institutions in Rome. A similar arrangement was done for General Congregation 35. A total of 246 persons are directly involved with the GC, either as electors or as support staff. They are distributed in the […]
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The grace of discernment
“We decided to come together for some days before separating, to discuss with one another our vocation and manner of life. After doing this for several days, we were divided by different ideas and opinions concerning our state of life. There was unity of mind and purpose: to seek the gracious and perfect will of […]
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Frissítve: 2016. október 20.