A board game with Saint Ignatius in international cooperation

“The Mission – What have the Jesuits ever done for us?” This is the title and subtitle of the board game that the Hungarian province of the Society of Jesus is about to launch for the Saint Ignatius Year. The game includes a board, figures (including Saint Ignatius), tokens, question and surprise cards, as well as cards for practical tasks. The aim is to establish missions, institutions of education and healing throughout the world in the course of several tasks to fulfil, true or false questions on Jesuit history to be answered, combining entertainment, education and fun. The game also includes elements fostering cooperation among the players: there can be no victory without selfless good deeds for the community, so the natural desire to win will be accompanied by the need to help one another as well.

The game has been developed with the professional counselling of the Hungarian Jesuits, and will be published by the end of the summer. Besides Hungarian, it will be available in other languages as well, and these versions might include elements – characters, true or false questions, etc. – from those Jesuit provinces that show considerable interest in the game. As was agreed with Fr Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator SJ, president of the Conference of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar, there is also a charity element included in the project, to aid one of the Jesuits’ top priority, Africa. Accordingly, three percent of the price of each game will be donated to aid a Jesuit mission in Africa on the decision of the provinces that would like to cooperate in the development and distribution of the game. More details to be found at www.themission.world.

Frissítve: 2021. május 22.