ÁR36: november 2-ai hírlevél – angol

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Ron Mercier SJ
Imagine you wanted to come to a decision about a matter of great importance for you and those close to you, something that would shape your future. How would you go about it? Usually we try to lay out the options, maximize possible goods and minimize harms, etc. As someone who worked in university ministry […]
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Tomorrow – Don’t miss it: From Caracas to Rome – The Story of Arturo Sosa

sosa-interview-original-itua-750x420The day after his election, the GC36 Media Team sat down for an extensive interview with Father General Arturo Sosa. The latter received the thirty questions in the late afternoon; the interview took place on Sunday afternoon, 16 October. The aim of the interview was to give Father General an opportunity to present and share […]
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“The work of reconciliation: To Accompany the victims towards a greater human community”- Interview with Francisco de Roux, SJ

“Reconciliation is the call most referred to in reports received from all parts of the universal Society”, revealed Father General Arturo Sosa during his first press conference on October 18, 2016. He was responding to a question regarding the challenges Jesuits face today, but his response came from the very DNA of the Society of […]
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New Provincials

provinciali-africaAt the beginning of the morning session, this Tuesday, November 2nd, Father General announced the nomination of two Provincials: Fr. Chukwuyenum A. Afiawari,Provincial of Africa North West Province (ANW). Father Afiawari, 52, entered the Society on 7 September 1987 and was ordained on 22 July 2000. At present he is Rector at Arrupe College, […]
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Boldness – A fruit of deep trust in the Will of God

Today we celebrate Blessed Rupert Mayer, a German Jesuit who lived and worked mainly in Munich. In his town he was well known as helper of the poor, as a brave preacher against the Regime of the Nazis and as a defender of the freedom of the Church. For this he was arrested and imprisoned […]
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Mass at Santa Maria in Trastevere – Oct 29

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Frissítve: 2016. november 04.