ÁR36: november 7-ei hírlevél – angol

A Distraction

Dermot Preston, SJ
I have an armed guard outside my bedroom. Two soldiers and an armoured car. At first I thought that it might be to protect the Brexit Provincial from the hordes of angry Roman Pro-Europeans, but I was assured that this was not the case and this strategy was part of a generally heightened security around […]
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New Regional Superior and New Provincials

provincials-monday-1On Monday morning, November 7, Father General has announced the nomination of one Regional Superior and and four new Provincials. Here is the list. Fr. Boguslaw Steczek, 71 years old, Regional Superior of the Russian Region. He joined the Society of Jesus on July 30, 1963 and was ordained on June 21, 1972. At the […]
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Linking Life and Mission – Interview with Fr. Rafael Velasco, SJ

It is common knowledge, since the preparatory phase, that there are two significant topics under consideration for this Congregation: the revision of governance structures for a universal mission and a reflection on the renewal of life and mission. This Congregation does not speak of identity and mission, a familiar and classic theme. Rather, it speaks […]
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The Birth and Life of a Decree

decress-1Without revealing a secret, we can feel that the present General Congregation will not proclaim a large number of decrees. There will at least a few! Every decree has its own genesis. It begins with a need or a question experienced by many Jesuits. In December 2014, the Congregation was convoked and the process of […]
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Father Ignatius to the townspeople of Azpeitia about real peace (1540): Let me repeat that there is no desisting in my earlier desires that you continue to enjoy in this life peace and quiet of heart in the true peace of our Lord, not in the peace of the world. In the world there are many princes, […]
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Frissítve: 2016. november 08.