ÁR36: október 24-ei hírlevél – angol

Walking Together

Brian F McCoy, SJ
I find I am easily moved when I listen to Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack to the 1986 film The Mission. This is probably because the film and its music capture a particular Jesuit and Indigenous context of joy and suffering I can identify with. How much more was I moved yesterday when I found myself listening […]
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A Southerly Wind

Wendell D’Cruz, SJ
At this time of the year in Rome they talk of the Sirocco, the warm southerly winds that originate in the Sahara Desert and blow across the Mediterranean.  These interchange quite freely with the cold winds from the north coming over the Alps and the Apennines.  So one day is warm and sunny with clear […]
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Were not our hearts burning…?

Pope Francis walked into the Hall of the General Congregation on 24 October 2016. His was a presence so serene as he took part in our morning prayer and gave us his blessing. The way forward for us, he told us, is through fidelity to our original charism which is both ecclesial and social. The […]
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Prayers and support for the new General of the Jesuits

img_1575-750x420The subscribers to our newsletter, those who visit our website or are followers of GC36 on the social media will remember the solidarity in prayer that was created during the days before the days of the election of Fr. Arturo Sosa as Superior General of the Society of Jesus. The prayer “wave” did not stop […]
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Community life

A group of students intending to enter the Society had formed a community in Louvain. Ignatius wrote them a letter in 1547. In his letter we read about community life: „You have laid upon yourselves a heavy obligation to live holy and pious lives: having separated yourselves from others in your residence and way of […]
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Frissítve: 2016. október 26.