ÁR36: október 27-ai hírlevél – angol

The ‘Francis effects’
Ron Mercier SJ
Well, the ‘Francis effect’ continues in the Aula as elsewhere. So many people speak of the Holy Father’s address as something we will mine for years, long after this Congregation ends.  In one conversation after another, people have spoken of how his words and his presence moved them to prayer.  I certainly know that too. […]
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Where are we?
“I now decree the convocation of the 36th General Congregation, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” With these words, on December 8, 2014, Father Adolfo Nicolás convoked the 36th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus, and set October 3, 2016 as the opening date. As […]
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To ask insistently for consolation by Sunu Hardiyanta, SJ
Pope Francis’ exhortation to the members of GC 36 encouraging us ‘to ask insistently for consolation’ stirred and confirmed me. This bring me back to a graceful moment when I found that ‘God is never pretending to me’. He always gives me ‘His Cross’, He also always gives me ‘His Resurrection’. I had had many […]
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For Vocations
Pedro Arrupe said to a young man who wished to join the Society of Jesus: “Stay at home if the idea of becoming a jesuit makes you unsettled or nervous. Do not come to us if you love the Church like a stepmother rather than a mother. Do not come if you think that in […]
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Frissítve: 2016. október 28.