ÁR36: október 28-ai hírlevél – angol

One step at a time

Chukwuyenum A. Afiawari, SJ
Slowly, but surely and confidently, the tortoise eventually arrives at its destination! In the dizzyingly fast pace of life, there is some wisdom in occasionally taking a pause, stepping back a little, taking stock, resetting one’s compass and refreshing oneself, before again putting one foot after the other. When a seed is planted, patience is […]
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“…allow us to feel compassion for the excluded from history…” by Francisco Iznardo, SJ

Pope Francis visited us during the morning of October 24th. We received him with hope, joy and concern. We wanted to know how his words would reverberate in our hearts. His talk came first, then the questions, and finally a personal greeting from each one of us. At the end of the morning the Pope’s […]
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Life Goes On for Father Lombardi

As Father Nicolás’ assistant, Father Federico Lombardi is the one who thanked him, in the Congregation and in the name of the whole Society of Jesus, for having directed the Society in the course of the last eight years. Our bulletin reported last Tuesday on this important moment of the Congregation. But Fr. Lombardi is […]
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Jesuits – Servants of Joy

29986594654_a0cda8f255_kPope Francis said to us at the beginning of this week: “The Jesuit is a servant of the joy of the Gospel.” and “The Good News ought not to be given with a sad face, but rather, with joy!” Furthermore he said: “Joy is not only decorative, it is also a clear indicator of grace, it shows […]
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Life within and outside the Aula – Oct 28



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