ÁR36: október 31-ei hírlevél – angol

Trying Something New

Brian F McCoy, SJ
We start each day of the GC in prayer. I believe many of us find this a uniting and consoling experience. It is well prepared and settles us for the day and tasks ahead. We have also learned to hear, and even sing, in languages foreign to most of us, such as Swahili, Guarani, Bahasa […]
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General Council begins to shape

nominationsOn Monday, October 31, Father General Arturo Sosa announced the appointment of members of the General Council. He also announced that, as established by the Formula, the General Congregation would begin a four-day preparatory process for the election of the Assistants ad Providentiam on November 4. The members of the General Council that Father Sosa […]
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Father Arturo Sosa visits the Gregorian University with GC 36 delegates

30598459236_6f93ea521b_k-750x420On Friday, October 28, members of GC 36 visited the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, and met with the Jesuits engaged in the consortium of universities, which include the Gregorian, the Pontifical Oriental Institute, and the Pontifical Biblical Institute. Saint Ignatius de Loyola laid the foundations of the Gregorian University when he established, in 1551, […]
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“A Morning with the Pope” by John McCarthy, SJ

In my neck of the woods, we don’t see many Popes. Thus, it was with a child-like excitement that I joined my brother Jesuits from across the globe to await the arrival of Pope Francis and his address to the 36th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus. What would he say to us? Would […]
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Discerning with young people on our common journey – by Nicolas Standaert, SJ

The third part of Pope’s Francis address focused on “Doing good led by the good spirit, thinking with the Church” and contains a special attention to “discernment”. Discernment is a path by which one tries to discover how the Spirit is working, how God is acting, how Love becomes incarnate in our life and in […]
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Frissítve: 2016. november 04.