Jesuit run Run with Saint Ignatius! Hungarian Jesuits invite and challenge every fellow province

Dear Jesuits, dear Ignatian family, and all those close to the Ignatian spirituality! We, the Hungarian Jesuits and their companions challenge you to run with Saint Ignatius. While doing so, you may pass through the stages of our founder’s life, what is more, experience togetherness with other provinces in our Jubilee Year, commemorating the conversion of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

Saint Ignatius Year A board game with Saint Ignatius in international cooperation

“The Mission – What have the Jesuits ever done for us?” This is the title and subtitle of the board game that the Hungarian province of the Society of Jesus is about to launch for the Saint Ignatius Year. The game includes a board, figures (including Saint Ignatius), tokens, question and surprise cards, as well as cards for practical tasks.

Manréza Hungarian retreat house to reopen after renovation

After 1,5 year of renovation, the Hungarian Jesuits’ retreat house, Manréza welcomes spiritual practitioners with quieter rooms, better heated spaces and some minor interior remodelling in the hilly area of of Dobogókő. The spiritual centre offers a wide range of individually directed retreats that provide quiet time for rest, prayer and reflection.

Saint Ignatius Year The spiritual aspects of an ‘office job’

“If the entire Ignatian Year helps even a single person to grow closer to Christ, it will have been a success. But of course, the more people who are inspired by it, the better” – says Pascal Calu SJ. The Belgian Jesuit in formation coordinates the whole Saint Ignatius Jubilee Year from Rome, from the center of the Society of Jesus. Péter Pásztor’s interview.

R.I.P. “To contemplate all things in God”: Hungarian Jesuit Ferenc Jálics passed away

At the age of 94, Hungarian Jesuit Ferenc (Franz) Jálics passed away on 13 February in a Catholic home for the elderly in Budapest. He devoted nearly all his life to finding ways to the deepest spirituality and prayer, which he found in contemplation. He has been a widely known and acknowledged master of Christian meditation worldwide, with his books translated into more than 16 languages and his method implemented in several retreat houses around the globe.

education Make It Simple but Equally Deep – Finding God in The School Park

‘The Jezsu is more than a school…’ A few years ago a group of 11th graders were asked by their math teacher to define what the school meant to them.  It was the first thing a girl jotted down on a piece of paper and handed it to the teacher. Since then we not only use this sentence as a semi-official slogan, but also try to live up to it.

education Hungarian Jesuit Boarding School During Pandemic

All Hungarian children above age 14 continue their studies from home, on-line, starting 16th November, 2020. The Covid-19 epidemic is reaching new highs in the country, and the Ministry of Education issued a digital learning  for higher grades. Only 29 boarders, 15 girls and 14 boys, all under the age of 14 stayed in the dormitories of Fényi Gyula Jesuit High School, Miskolc, Hungary after the partial lockdown. The boarding school has always been a special place of formation, fellowship and spirituality within the school community.

Presence in Arló Hungarian Jesuit’s new Roma mission in a redeveloping village

Hungarian Jesuits have joined an initiative focusing on helping families in underdeveloped areas to have a better future. The mission to which the Hungarian Province of the Society of Jesus is now making its contribution, was launched by Franciscan sisters in a village called Arló in the Borsod area of North-East Hungary. The project is supported by the “Redeveloping villages” initiative of the Ministry of Home Affairs.